Eion Cameron - Honorary Member

HonoraryMember EionCameron

Eion Cameron accepting Honorary Membership Award from Nigel Radford at the 20th IGES in Santiago

A segment of Eion's speech reads:

"I have been most fortunate in my professional career. For 13 years I had administrative responsibility for applied geochemistry in the GSC at a time when the GSC as a whole was at its peak of influence and support. Following this I was a part-time prof for 16 years at the University of Ottawa in a department where academic politics was absent, because individual members of faculty genuinely liked each other. Most recently I have been involved with the mining industry as a consultant and as a researcher; roles that have been as rewarding as the best of my previous experiences. The common link between all these periods is my association as an active member of the AEG. It is perhaps best to be part of a society of moderate size, because one can develop a camaraderie with all of the other active members. That is the best award of all."