AAG Presentations

This page offers links to selected contributions from AAG Distinguished Lecturers and other members to give you a better idea of what is high-level applied geochemistry, and to provide them as resources for the geochemists community. 
All documents are free for reading and sharing within applied geochemists, but they retain their author's copyright and should not be modified, or reused for commercial purposes, without the written permission of their author or of the AAG.

Dr. Clemens Reimann

Dr. Clemens Reimann was AAG's Distinguished Lecturer in 2002. Since then, he has contributed extensively to the development of geochemical atlases at the European level, especially with the GEMAS project (http://gemas.geolba.ac.at/).
His presentation of the GEMAS approach is available here <15Mb PDF file>.
More information is available on the GEMAS web site and from Clemens's scientific papers. 

You are welcome to send in your own contribution if you have such material available for sharing to: brunole45@orange.fr
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