Upcoming Events

International, national, and regional meetings of interest to colleagues working in exploration, environmental and other areas of applied geochemistry.


8-13 July 2018. Geoanalysis 2018. Sydney NSW Australia. Website: 2018.geoanalysis.info

16-21 June 2018. 28th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium. Vancouver BC Canada. Resources for Future Generations. Website: rfg2018.org

4-7 March 2018. Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Annual Convention. Toronto ON Canada. Website: www.pdac.ca/convention

18-21 February 2018. Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference. Sydney NSW Australia. Website: www.aegc2018.com.au

8-13 January 2018. 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry. Amelia Island FL USA. Website: tinyurl.com/mrvbqwa

7-8 December 2017. 19th International Conference on Nuclear and Environmental Radiochemical Analysis. Sydney NSW Australia. Website: tinyurl.com/jsh9gsu

3-8 December 2017. American Exploration and Mining Association Annual Meeting. Sparks/Reno NV USA. Website: tinyurl.com/m99kskj

23-26 November 2017. International Conference on Computational Chemistry and Toxicology in Environmental Science. Taichung, Taiwan. Website: theochem.wikispaces.com

31 October-2 November 2017. 10th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining. Levi Finland. Website: fem.lappi.fi/en

22-25 October 2017. GSA Annual Meeting. Seattle WA USA. Website: www.geosociety.org/meetings/2017

21-25 October 2017. Exploration '17. Toronto ON Canada. Website: www.exploration17.com

9-13 October 2017. 14th International Symposium on Biomineralization. Tsukuba Japan. Website: www.biomin14.jp

9- 10 October 2017. Annual International Conference on Geological & Earth Sciences. Singapore. Website: www.geoearth.org

24-29 September 2017. 23rd International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry. Palm Cove QLD Australia. Website: www.iseb23.info

18-22 September 2017. 11th International Kimberlite Conference. Gaborone Botswana. Website: www.11ikc.com

18-19 September 2017. 19th International Conference on Gas Geochemistry. Rome Italy. Website: www.waset.org/conference/2017/09/rome/ICGG

17-22 September 2017. Applied Isotope Geochemistry 12. Copper Mountain Resort CA USA. Website: www.iagc-society.org/AIG.html


17-22 September 2017. 28th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry. Florence Italy. Website: www.houseofgeoscience.org/imog

17-20 September 2017. SEG 2017. Beijing China. Website: www.seg2017.org

11-14 September 2017. SIAM Conference Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences. Erlangen Germany. Website: www.siam.org/meetings/gs17

6-8 September 2017. Discoveries in the Tasmanides, a Mines and Wines conference. Orange NSW Australia. Website: www.minesandwines.com.au

2-9 September 2017. 18th Annual Conference of International Association for Mathematical Geosciences. Fremantle WA Australia. Website: iamg2017.com

28 August-1 Sep 2017. 7th International Conference on Medical Geology  Moscow Russia. Website: www.medgeo2017.org

20-29 August 2017. 12th International Eclogite Conference. Åre Sweden. Website: www.geology.lu.se/IEC12

20-23 August 2017. 14th Biennial SGA Meeting. Quebec City QC Canada. Website: sga2017.ca

13-18 August 2017. Goldschmidt 2017. Paris France. Website: goldschmidt.info/2017

13-17 August 2017. 11th International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine.  Stockholm Sweden. Website: se2017.se

12-17 August 2017. 21st World Congress of Soil Science. Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Website: 21wcss.org

6-10 August 2017. Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017. St Louis MO USA. Website: microscopy.org/MandM/2017

4-9 August 2017. Magmatism of the Earth and related strategic metal deposits. Miass Russia. Website: magmas-and-metals.ru

30 July-4 August 2017. Atmospheric Chemistry (Gordon Research Conference). Newry, ME USA. Website: www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=10916

23-28 July 2017. Chemical Oceanography (Gordon Research Conference). New London NH USA. Website: www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=11096

23-28 July 2017. 80th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society. Santa Fe NM USA. Website: metsoc2017-santafe.com

16-21 July 2017. 13th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. Providence RI USA. Website: mercury2017.com

16-20 July 2017. International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements. Zurich Switzerland. Website: icobte2017.ch

4-8 July 2017. 32nd International conference of Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health      Brussels Belgium. Website: segh-brussels.sciencesconf.org

30 June-4 July 2017. 33rd International conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Guangzhou China. Website: segh2017.csp.escience.cn

26–30 June 2017. 14th International Conference on Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources – AquaConSoil 2017. Lyon France. Website: www.aquaconsoil.org

25-30 June 2017. Catchment Science: Interactions of Hydrology, Biology & Geochemistry. Lewiston ME USA. Website: tinyurl.com/zst629v

13-15 June 2017. PEG2017 – 8th International Symposium on Granitic Pegmatites. Kristiansand Norway. Website: tinyurl.com/h8hwo9g

12-14 June 2017. 14th Australasian Environmental Isotope Conference. Wellington New Zealand. Website: tinyurl.com/juoqtqy

23-28 June 2017. Tourmaline 2017. Nové Město na Moravě Czech Republic. Website: tourmaline2017.cz

19-23 June 2016. 6th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment. Stockholm Sweden. Website: www.as2016.se


19-24 June 2016. Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits. Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Website: tinyurl.com/h7xvh2b


26-30 June 2016. Australian Earth Sciences Convention. Adelaide SA Australia. Website: aesc2016.gsa.org.au


26 June-1 July 2016. Goldschmidt 2016. Yokohama Japan. Website: goldschmidt.info/2016


4-8 July 2016.  32nd International Conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Brussels Belgium           Website: segh-brussels.sciencesconf.org/


10-13 July 2016. 3rd International Conference on 3D Materials Science. St. Charles IL USA. Website: tinyurl.com/psr55at


10-13 July 2016. 9th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis. Newcastle Australia. Website:tinyurl.com/pts5mtv


11-15 July 2016. 4th International Workshop on Highly Siderophile Element Geochemistry. Durham UK. Website:community.dur.ac.uk/hse.ws


17-22 July 2016. Eurosoil 2016. Istanbul Turkey. Website: www.eurosoil2016istanbul.org


19-21 July 2016. 39th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry. Hamburg Germany Website:tinyurl.com/pnaswjw


23-27 July 2016. Euroscience Open Forum 2016. Manchester UK. Website: www.esof.eu


24-13 July 2016. Microscopy & Microanalysis 2016  . Columbus OH USA. Website: tinyurl.com/oe227f9


25-27 July 2016. 5th International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change. Bangkok Thailand. Website:earthscience.conferenceseries.com


24-29 July 2016. Organic Geochemistry (Gordon Research Conference). Holderness NH USA. Website: tinyurl.com/jrmsafs


27-28 July 2016. 8th International Congress of Environmental Research. Lübeck Germany. Website: www.icer16.jerad.org


30 July – 3 August 2016. 6th International Maar Conference. Changchun China. Website: tinyurl.com/ju74yn9


7-12 August 2016. Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society. Berlin Germany. Website: www.meteoriticalsociety.org


14-18 August 2016. 11th International Conference on the Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials. Golden CO USA. Website: tinyurl.com/qa5kzyl


14-20 August 2016. Joint International Conference on Environment, Health, GIS and Agriculture. Galway Ireland. Website:www.nuigalway.ie/iseh2016


20-21 August 2016. 6th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation. Budapest Hungary. Website:icepr.org


21-25 August 2016. 33rd International Geographical Congress. Beijing China Website: www.igc2016.org


27 August-4 September 2016. 35th International Geological Congress. Cape Town South Africa. Website: www.35igc.org


28-31 August 2016. 3rd International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health. Budweis Czech Republic. Website:iseeh.org


4-7 September 2016. IAP 2016: Interfaces Against Pollution. Lleida Spain. Website: www.iap2016.org


4-7 September 2016. 15th Workshop on Progress in Trace Metal Speciation for Environmental Analytical Chemistry. Gdansk Poland. Website: chem.pg.edu.pl/tracespec


5-9 September 2016. 13th International Nickel-Copper-PGE Symposium. Fremantle WA Australia. Website:www.iagod.org/node/58


11-15 September 2016. 2nd European Mineralogical Conference. Rimini Italy. Website: emc2016.socminpet.it


12-15 September 2016. 18th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. Ghent Belgium. Website:www.ichmet2016.ugent.be/


17-22 September 2016. 28th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry. Florence Italy. Website:www.houseofgeoscience.org/imog/


18-24 September 2016. Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists 58th Annual Meeting. Kona HI ISA. Website: www.aegannualmeeting.org/


25-28 September 2016. SEG 2016 Conference: Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny. Çeşme Turkey. Website:www.seg2016.org


25-28 September 2016. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Denver CO USA. Website:www.geosociety.org/meetings/2016


9-13 October 2016. World Water Congress & Exhibition. Brisbane QLD Australia. Website: tinyurl.com/pgrbkwu


10-11 October 2016. Annual International Conference on Geological & Earth Sciences (GEOS 2016). Singapore. Website:www.geoearth.org


16- 21 October 2016   Water Rock Interaction 15. Évora Portugal. Website: wri15portugal.org


5-9 December 2016. American Exploration and Mining Association Annual Meeting. Sparks NV USA. Website:www.miningamerica.org


12-16 December 2016. AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco CA USA. Website: fallmeeting.agu.org/2016/


23-26 January 2017. Mineral Exploration Roundup 2017. Vancouver BC Canada Website: www.amebc.ca/roundup/about-roundup


2-3 March 2017. 6th International Conference ”Ecological & Environmental Chemistry-2017”. Chisinau Moldova. Website:eec-2017.mrda.md


5-8 March 2017. Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Annual Convention. Toronto ON Canada.             Website: www.pdac.ca/convention


14-18 May 2017. Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada Annual Meeting. Kingston ON Canada. Website: www.kingstongacmac.ca/


16-21 July 2017. 13th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant  Providence RI USA. Website:mercury2017.org/initial/index.php


12-17 August 2017. 21st World Congress of Soil Science. Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Website: 21wcss.org/


13-18 August 2017. Goldschmidt 2017. Paris France. Website: goldschmidt.info/2017


21-25 October 2017. Exploration '17. Toronto ON Canada. Website: www.exploration17.com

16-21 June 2018. RFG 2018 (Resources for Future Generations). Website: www.rfg2018.org


Please let us know of your events by sending details to:
Steve Amor
Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador
P.O. Box 8700, St. John’s NL Canada. A1B 4J6
Email: StephenAmor@gov.nl.ca

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