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  • January-2017: Posting at Queen's University for a tenure-track position for Assistant Professor with specialization in Analytical Geochemistry. More information can be found here (PDF).

  • Dec-2016: Job Posting at Queen's University for a position held jointly in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering and the School of Environmental Studies. Further information can be found here (PDF).

  • Sept-2016: The AAG web site contains now a collection of high-level presentations on Applied Geochemistry, given by AAG lecturers and senior members. You will find them here.

  • Sept-2016: Geochemistry could not be what it is without sampling science. One of the founding fathers of sampling, Pierre Gy, left us last year. Many of us knew his papers or his name. He established scientific rules on sampling representativity that are still used by mineral exploration, mineral processing, and environmental remediation. The Theory of Sampling forum published a memorial volume on his legacy (see that here). This volume is in free acess. And for the present of sampling science, there will be the 8th WCSB conference in Perth, Australia on May 9-11 2017, combined with the Australian sampling conference. It is jointly organised by The AusIMM and CSIRO. Papers are invited for submission now.

  • June-2016: A geochemist's view on lithium exploration  and some promising paths. Read the full article here.
  • June-2016: The tailings dam accident in Brazil, at Fundão Mariana, November 5th, 2015, is not in itself a geochemist's issue. However, geochemists are concerned with this accident whether they are working with the mining industry or the environmental protection. See here how geochemists contribute to understanding the impact of such a major issue.

  • January-2016: Hot off the Press! New book entitled "Barringer. Back to the future: airborne geochemistry and many related topics" by Peter M.D. Bradshaw. More information on the book and how to order here.

  • The AAG is now present on LinkedIn and Twitter! We invite LinkedIn members to join our group 'Association of Applied Geochemists', and Twitter users to follow us at @AAGeochemists. We hope this will give the opportunity to develop online discussions within the geochemists' community.


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The 28th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium will be held in Vancouver, Canada from June 16 - 21, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The meeting will take place in partnership with IUGS, GAC, MAC and CIM as the Resources for Future Generations 2018 conference.
The call for sessions is open- DEADLINE is Monday May 1! Further details of the conference including key dates, registration details and information on workshops, short courses and social activities will be made available on the RFG2018 webpage at RFG2018.org as they become available. The organizing committee look forward to welcoming attendees at RFG2018.
Call for Short Courses. Short courses are a series of presentations and exercises that provide review, instruction, and opportunity for advancement of understanding in a specific field (e.g. geoscience, resources, society), that is consistent with the main thems of the RFG2018 Conference. The short course should provide a means whereby a newcomer to the field can quickly come up to speed on the topic, as well as providing opportunities for more knowledgeable participants to increase their understanding and expertise.
Call for Field Trips. Safe and efficiently run field trips are among the most important aspects of a technical conference and provide the opportunity to learn by first-hand experience. A proposed field trip should have a clear focus and objective that is aligned with the RFT2018 conference. Thus, we encourage submissions across a broad specturm of themes that provide opportunities to see a variety of geological environments, examine earth processes related to the formation of natural resources, and visit sites of resource extraction and water managment. We encourage field trip proposals to indicate their alignment with conference themes and if possible proposed technical sessions.


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