Other Publications

International Union of Geological Sciences Manual of Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network (2022) edited by A. Demetriades, C.C. Johnson, D.B. Smith, A. Ladenberger, P.A. Adánez Sanjuan, A. Argyraki, C. Stouraiti, P. de Caritat, K.V. Knights, G. Prieto Rincón, and G.N. Simubali. Click here for the report.

CAMIRO Reports on Portable XRF (2012, 2013). Click here for the reports.

CAMIRO Project 08E01: Results of using selective leaches on soils to detect buried uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin by Graeme Bonham-Carter and Gwendy Hall, April 2010. Click here for the report. Note: This report was conducted in conjunction with the biochemical surveys report below. 

CAMIRO Project 08E01: Biogeochemical Surveys at Cigar West and McClean South: Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, by Colin Dunn, April 2010. Click here for the report. Note: This report was conducted in conjunction with the soil report above. 

Applications of Probability Graphs in Mineral Exploration, 1976 (Sinclair, A.). Special Volume No. 4, Published by the Association of Exploration Geochemists. Click here to download (9.03MB).

Two New Monographs on Regolith. Click here for more.

Drift Exploration in Glaciated Terrain, 2001. Published by the Geological Society London. (Edited by M.B. McClenaghan, P.T. Bobrowsky, G.E.M. Hall, and S.J.Cook) 350 p., US $40.00 members, US $70.00 non-members.

Practical Problems in Exploration Geochemistry, 1987. (A.A. Levinson, P.M.D. Bradshaw and I. Thomson) 269 p., US $35.00 members, US $80.00 non-members. Click here to download the first chapter in PDF format (10.9MB). AAG members can access the full book in electronic format once logged in under the 'Members Area'.

Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration (second edition, published 1979) (A.E. Rose, H.E. Hawkes, and J.S. Webb) - airmail US $10.00/International $20.00 additional, US $60.00 members, US $80.00 non-members.

Writing Geochemical Reports: Guidelines for Surficial Geochemical Surveys (2nd Edition) (edited by Lynda Bloom) Click here for more. *** This publication has been updated to 3rd edition. For more information click here ***



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