Exploration 07 - Exploration in the New Millennium

5th Decennial International Conference on Mineral Exploration

When was it? September 9-12, 2007

Where was it? Toronto, Canada

Website: http://exploration07.com/

A list of notes and presentations from Exploration07 is available below. The best way to get a file is to right-click on the title link and save the target to your computer.

Workshop No. 2: Exploration Geochemistry: Basic Principles and Concepts 

  Workshop 2 Speaker Biography (17kb)
  Workshop 2 Course Notes (35.6Mb)
Bill Coker, BHP Billiton Introduction to the Workshop Bill Coker (0.4Mb)
  Part II (0.3Mb)
Bill Coker, BHP Billiton Exploration Geochemistry: Basic Principles and Concepts (1.8Mb)
Gwendy Hall, Geological Survey of Canada Sample Analyses, Preparation Methodologies, Analytical Techniques (1.2Mb)
Barry Smee, Smee & Associates Consulting Ltd Quality Control in Geochemical Analyses (0.7Mb)
Eric Grunsky, Geological Survey of Canada Geochemical Data Evaluation and Interpretation (2.3Mb)
Ray Lett, British Columbia Geological Survey Drainage sampling in British Columbia- stream sediments, lake sediments, water and heavy mineral concentrates (4.0Mb)
Beth McClenaghan, Geological Survey of Canada Till geochemical and heavy mineral exploration exploration methods in glaciated terrain (8.1Mb)
Dave Lawie, ioGlobal Pty Ltd Soil Geochemistry / Selective Extraction / Soil Gases (4.5Mb)
Simon Bolster, Newmont Mining Corp Regolith Mapping / landform evolution / geochem application  
Colin Dunn, Consulting Geochemist Plants: the ultimate selective leach (10.2Mb)
Matt Leybourne, GNS Science Groundwater Geochemistry (4.5Mb)


Workshop No. 3: Indicator Mineral Methods in Mineral Exploration 

  Workshop 3 Speaker Biography (15kb)
  Workshop 3 Course Notes (37.5Mb)
Harvey Thorleifson, Minnnesota Geological Survey Introduction (5.0Mb)
Chris Benn, BHP Billiton Survey design (6.2Mb)
Beth McClenaghan, Geological Survey of Canada Processing methods for recovery of indicator minerals from sediment and bedrock (2.8Mb)
W.L. Griffin, GEMOC Key Centre, Macquarie University Mineral Chemistry: Modern Techniques and Applications to Exploration (4.1Mb)
Mary Doherty, ALS Chemex QA/QC (1.4Mb)
Dave Kelley, Zinifex Ltd Indicator mineral methods in precious metal exploration (1.9Mb)
Herman Grutter, BHP Billiton Application of new-age clinopyroxene and garnet thermobarometry techniques in Arctic diamond exploration (15.7Mb)
Stu Averill, Overburden Drilling Management Ltd Viable indicators in surficial sediments for two major base metal deposit types: Ni-Cu-PGE and porphyry Cu (2.8Mb)
Michael Michaud, Overburden Drilling Management Ltd Field sampling for indicator minerals: How to choose and locate the correct medium and avoid anthropogenic contamination (4.1Mb)
Dean Pekeski, Rio Tinto Exploration case history: India (1.7Mb)
Harvey Thorleifson, Minnnesota Geological Survey Public sector case history: indicator mineral survey of Minnesota (5.2Mb)