Best Practices

This section of the website is intended to be populated by short articles of interest to the AAG membership. Such articles may concern new techniques, methods or technologies for application in mineral exploration or in associated fields (e.g. environmental geochemistry); they may also focus on data presentation and interpretation. Notes on the 'do's and don'ts' of sampling, analysis and interpretation are most welcome. A few paragraphs steering the reader towards published papers on a particular topic are also invited.

Nov 07
The commonly practiced collection of stream sediment samples in mineral exploration, including the Canadian British Columbia (BC) government’s Regional Geochemical Surveys (RGS), is the ‘grab’ method of collecting fine fluvial silt by hand which, in the typical < 80-mesh fraction usually analyzed, almost always includes some organic phase material along with the dominant lithic phase. Though the organic content is determined by loss on ignition, LOI, such as used in the RGS analyses, a high amount of computerization is required to unscramble what portion of an anomalous element present in a