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Benefits of Membership in AAG

Members and student members have access to an international network of geoscientists that apply geochemistry to challenges in exploration, the environment, and analysis. Membership benefits include:

  • Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis: A leading journal in the field of exploration geochemistry
  • EXPLORE Newsletter: Popular with geochemists, filled with articles, news, and information about upcoming events
  • Elements Magazine: A journal that highlights mineralogy, geochemistry, and petrology
  • Education and Training: Attend biennial symposia that include courses, workshops, and field trips and that encourage networking
  • Member Directory: Find AAG members worldwide. Search by name or location.
  • Student Benefits: Explore the intellectual challenges and professional opportunities of exploration and environmental geochemistry; apply for in-kind support for research; apply for travel grants; compete for the student paper prize.

New Members please note:   The Admissions Committee reviews all applications and submits recommendations at the next Council Meeting or by email. If no objections are raised, the names, addresses and positions of the candidates will be listed in the next issue of the Association Newsletter. If after a minimum of 60 days have elapsed following submission of candidate information to the membership no signed letters objecting to the candidates admission are received by the Secretary of the Association from any Member, the Candidate shall be deemed elected, subject to the receipt by the Association of payment of required dues.

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Payment may be made online using the form below, or by mail/phone to:


P.O. Box 26099

72 Robertson Road

Nepean, Ontario

Canada    K2H 9R0


Phone: 1 613 828 0199

Fax: 1 613 828 9288


All applications must be accompanied by annual dues. If you need a receipt, please pay by mail and include a self-addressed envelope and an additional US$2.00, otherwise your cancelled cheque or bank card statement is your receipt. Please also enclose an additional US$15.00 if your cheque is drawn on a bank outside the U.S.A or Canada. Payment by cheque, International Money Order, UNESCO Coupons, and International Postal Orders are acceptable. All payments are in U.S. funds.



Please consider donating to the AAG when you become a member or renew your membership. Donations can be directed toward the Distinguished Applied Geochemists Fund or the Developing Country Membership Fund. Make your donation here



MEMBERS are non-voting members of the Association. To join the Association as a member, the person must be actively engaged in the field of applied geochemistry at the time of their application and for at least two years prior to the date of joining.

STUDENT MEMBERS are students that are enrolled in an approved course of instruction ort raining in a field of pure or applied science at a recognized institution. Student members pay minimal membership fees to belong to the Association. 

Download, print, and submit an application for student membership.

SUBSIDIZED MEMBERS are Association members that live in and originate from developing countries and are:

i) actively engaged in teaching applied geochemistry at a recognised institution or;
ii) actively employed in the area of applied geochemistry at a recognised government institution or;
iii) utilising applied geochemistry for the purpose of exploration or environmental studies for a private-sector company.

Please see here for the process for applying to become a subsidized member.

SENIOR MEMBERS and FELLOWS Members in good standing with the AAG may elect to become a Senior Member or Senior Fellow once they are over the age of 65. Senior Members and Senior Fellows may not receive the full range of AAG publications, but in return will pay reduced dues, as determined by Council from time to time. The range of publications available to Senior Members and Senior Fellows will be determined by Council and will be summarized in the newsletter and on the website.

Download and send in a Member Conversion to Fellow Form.

To be eligible for election as a Fellow, a candidate shall:

(i) possess a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in pure or applied science from an educational institution recognized by the Council;
(ii) have completed a period of training and professional experience of at least six years in pure or applied science which shall include at least two years in applying, developing, researching, orteaching methods of appliedg eochemistry. Up to three years of post-Bachelor’s training at a university can be applied toward the six-year requirement;
(iii) be actively practicing applied geochemistry at the time of their application;
(iv) satisfy the Council that they are a fit and proper person to become a Fellow.

Fellows may designate themselves as members of the Association on any letterhead, business card, or professional notice (FAAG).

HONORARY FELLOWS are those who have made a distinguished contribution to applied geochemistry that warrants exceptional recognition and is awarded this title by the Association. Dues are paid by the Association.

Honorary Fellows may designate themselves as members of the Association on any letterhead, business card, or professional notice (FAAG).

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