Councillor Erick Weiland (2018-2019)

Erick Weiland

An internationally respected geochemist with over forty years of professional experience and technical knowledge across multiple disciplines, Mr. Weiland has successfully completed projects in fourteen (14) countries.  Expertise includes: mining/mineral geochemistry, rock/waste characterization, environmental impact assessments, water quality and soil remediation investigations, material characterization, geochemical evaluation of surface water, groundwater, and mineral interactions, and assessing the acid generation potential (acid rock drainage) with associated leaching of potentially hazardous constituents from natural materials. He is an expert in the application of geochemistry supporting exploration, engineering, and environmental projects including site characterization, feasibility studies, permitting, remediation, water quality, soil remediation, evaluation of acid mine drainage, waste rock dumps and tailings dam engineering/design, and mine closure activities. 
Mr. Weiland has successfully designed, implemented, and evaluated field and laboratory investigations related to geochemical processes in the surface and sub-surface environments.  Projects include: attaining and maintaining compliance with federal and state permits; environmental assessment, safe recharging of surface and waste waters to groundwater aquifers, monitoring and cleanup; CERCLA emergency clean-up actions; risk assessment; fate and transport analysis of metals and non-metals within the natural environment; hydrological modeling; geochemical and contaminant transport modeling; and environmental analysis.

Mr. Weiland is currently the Manager of Source & Migration Control projects within the Freeport-McMoRan Environmental Technology / Life Cycle Analysis Team.  This team identifies, evaluates, develops, and deploys emerged or emerging technologies that can be applied to risk and liability management at existing mining and processing sites, closure and reclamation of mining operations, and remediation of legacy sites.

Mr. Weiland joined the Association in 1978 and has been an active member ever since.  He has participated as an AAG Councilor, President, Database Chairman, Editorial Board member, Canadian and Australian Geosciences Council representative, Symposium Chair, and other miscellaneous duties over the past 37 years.