2013: Clemens Reimann and Eric Hoffman

The AAG awarded the Gold Medal to both Clemens Reimann and Eric Hoffman at the 26th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium (IAGS) Official Dinner in Rotorua, New Zealand (November 2013).

Citation by Robert Eppinger

It gives me great pleasure to present the Association of Applied Geochemists’ Gold Medal for 2013. This year is unusual in that we have two Gold Medal recipients, Clemens Reimann and Eric Hoffman. The Gold Medal is awarded for outstanding scientific accomplishments in the field of applied geochemistry. This year’s recipients represent such accomplishments from both ends of the academic-industry continuum that defines the field of applied geochemistry.

Clemens Reimann

GoldMedal 2013a

Clemens Reimann, of the Geological Survey of Norway, has had an outstanding scientific career on the academic side of this continuum. During more than 30 years of work in both government and academic circles, Clemens gained international recognition as a leader in the fields of environmental geochemistry, geostatistics, and geochemical mapping at scales ranging from local to continental. His prolific publication record includes numerous journal articles and book authorship. Clemens effectively led regional geochemistry projects in Europe across geographical and political boundaries and his work has subsequently influenced the formulation of regional surveys worldwide. His service to professional organizations has included the Association of Applied Geochemistry as a Distinguished Lecturer and a Regional Councillor. For the International Association of Geochemistry, Clemens has served as President and Vice President. He has also been on the editorial boards of Applied Geochemistry and Science of the Total Environment. Clemens, congratulations on behalf of the Association of Applied Geochemists.

Eric Hoffman

GoldMedal 2013b

Eric Hoffman is recognized for his career as an industry leader in bringing novel analytical techniques to commercial fruition. Through his company ActLabs, Eric has repeatedly been at the vanguard in bringing techniques developed by research laboratories to commercial viability for use by applied geochemists worldwide. He has anticipated the evolving needs of applied geochemistry through technique design and instrument modification for a variety of sample media. This has been particularly important as exploration has moved into progressively more difficult concealed terranes. Eric has published consistently throughout his career, but equally important he has always attended scientific meetings to present and promote the latest in techniques and instrumentation. Eric, congratulations on behalf of the Association of Applied Geochemists.