Councillor Tom Meuzelaar (2017-2018)

Tom Meuzelaar

Tom holds a B.S. in geology from theUniversity of Utah (1991), M.S. in economic geology/geochemistry from Washington State University (1995) and a Ph.D. in economic geology/geochemistry from theColorado School of Mines (2015). He is currently employed (since 2011) at Golder Associates, Inc. a ssenior consultant specializing in geology and geochemistry. He runs a diverse practice providing technical expertise to clients in the mining, oil and gas and power sectors through all project life cycle stages(exploration, production, closure). Prior to his current position, he was employed at RockWare, Inc.(from 1999 to 2011) as software consultant, manager of the Geochemist’s Workbench account, and general software marketer and business developer. He has extensive experience as petrographer, mineralogist and geologist, and is skilled in statistical evaluation and reduction of large geochemical datasets. He has also taught or co-taught over 35 geochemical modelling short courses, including courses at Goldschmidt conferences, federal research organizations, multinational energy corporations, environmental and mining consultancies and major universities. His primary interest in joining the AAG Council is to help direct marketing strategies for sustaining and growing membership.