Upcoming Events

International, national, and regional meetings of interest to colleagues working in exploration, environmental and other areas of applied geochemistry. 


14–19 April 2024. EGU General Assembly. Vienna Austria. Website: www.egu24.eu

19–21 April 2024. International Conference on Geoinformatics and Data Analysis. Paris France. Website: www.icgda.org

2–4 May 2024. 10th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management. Angers France. Website: gistam.scitevents.org

7–8 May 2024. International Mining Geology Conference 2024. Perth WA Australia. Website: tinyurl.com/4dp4mffx

12–15 May 2024. CIM Convention & EXPO. Vancouver BC Canada. Website: www.cim.org/featured-events/cim-convention

12–15 May 2024. XIII South American Symposium on Isotope Geology. Buzios Brazil. Website: tinyurl.com/43he2ura


19–22 May 2024. GAC-MAC Annual Meeting. Brandon MB Canada. Website: gac.ca/events/gac-mac-annual-meeting

21–23 May 2024. 11th World Conference on Sampling and Blending. Muldersdrift South Africa. Website: tinyurl.com/ycx9psc8

5–6 May 2024. Canadian Mining Expo 2024, Timmins ON Canada. Website: http://virtex.canadianminingexpo.com/

10–12 June 2024. SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE24). Portland OR USA. Website: www.siam.org/conferences/cm/conference/mpe24

12–15 June 2024. Euroscience Open Forum 2024. Katowice Poland. Website: www.esof.eu

16–22 June 2024. 16th International Conference on Gas Geochemistry. Tenerife Spain. Website: icgg16.involcan.org

17–19 June 2024. GeoConvention 2024. Calgary AB Canada. Website: geoconvention.com

23–28 June 2024. Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits for a Low-Carbon Society (Gordon Research Conference). Newry ME USA. Website: tinyurl.com/bddja374

29 June – 8 July 2024. XXIVth International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference - Surveying, Geology and Mining, Ecology and Management (SGEM). Varna Bulgaria. Website: www.sgem.org/index.php

8–12 July 2024. 12th International Kimberlite Conference. Yellowknife NT Canada. Website: 12ikc.ca

15–18 July 2024. 11th Annual International Conference on Geology & Earth Science. Athens Greece. Website: www.atiner.gr/geology

21–26 July 2024. International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. Cape Town South Africa. Website: tinyurl.com/mw37tdh4

28 July – 1 August 2024. Microscopy & Microanalysis 2024. Cleveland OH USA. Website: tinyurl.com/mpwbhcw7

28 July – 2 August 2024. Contemporary Applications of Organic Geochemical Research (Gordon Research Conference). Holderness NH USA. Website: www.grc.org/organic-geochemistry-conference/2024

4–9 August 2024. Biomineralization (Gordon Research Conference). New London NH USA. Website: www.grc.org/biomineralization-conference/2024

6–8 August 2024. 2024 International Ni-Cu Symposium. Thunder Bay ON Canada. Website: ec.lakeheadu.ca/ni-cu

11–15 August 2024. IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition. Toronto ON Canada. Website: worldwatercongress.org

11–18 August 2024. ISEG: International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry. Galway Ireland. Website: www.universityofgalway.ie/iseh-iceph

18-23 August 2024. 4th European Mineralogical Conference. Dublin Ireland. Website: icepr.org

18–25 August 2024. Goldschmidt 2024. Chicago IL USA. Website: tinyurl.com/5cr87s7e

24–30 August 2024. 35th International Geographical Congress. Dublin Ireland. Website: igc2024dublin.org

25–27 August 2024. 14th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation (2024). Barcelona Spain. Website: icepr.org

25–31 August 2024. 37th International Geological Congress. Busan, Republic of Korea. Website: community.geosociety.org/gsa2024/home

4–6 September 2024. Discoveries in the Tasmanides. Albury NSW Australia. Website: www.minesandwines.com.au

15–18 September 2024. Interfaces Against Pollution 2024. Torino Italy. Website: www.iap2024torino.it/iap-2024-torino

15–19 September 2024. Geoanalysis 2024. Wuhan China. Website: tinyurl.com/yeyj8nuh

22–25 September 2024. GSA Connects 2024. Anaheim CA USA.  Website: community.geosociety.org/gsa2024/home

27–30 September 2024. SEG 2024 Conference in Namibia. Windhoek Namibia. Website: tinyurl.com/zsb3kkrf

2–4 October 2024. Mongolia Mining 2024. Ulanbataar Mongolia. Website: mongolia-mining.mn

6–9 October 2024. MS&T24: Materials Science &Technology. Pittsburgh PA USA. Website: www.matscitech.org/MST/MST24

14–18 October 2024. 30th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium (IAGS). Adelaide SA Australia. Website: iags2024.com.au

7–9 November 2024. International Conference on Geology and Earth Sciences. Bali Indonesia. Website: icges.org

22–24 November 2024. Seventh International Workshop on Environment and Geoscience (IWEG 2024). Shanghai China. Website: www.iwegconf.org

25–28 November 2024. Mediterranean Geosciences Union Annual Meeting. Barcelona Spain. Website: 2024.medgu.org

1–6 December 2024. American Exploration & Mining Association (AEMA) Annual Meeting. Reno NV USA. Website: tinyurl.com/yuf7yk8m


2–7 March 2025. European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry. Berlin Germany. Website: ewcps2025.de

3–7 August 2025. 18th SGA Biennial Meeting. Golden CO USA. Website: sga2025.org

8–12 September 2025. Eurosoil 2025. Seville Spain. Website: soilscience.eu/eurosoil-2025


Please let us know of your events by sending details to

Steve Amor
Email: steve.amor2007@gmail.com


Elizabeth Ambrose
Email: eambrose0048@rogers.com