Upcoming Events

27-30 October 2019. 6th International Conference on Selenium in the Environment and Human Health. Yangling/Xi’an China. Website: icsehh2019.csp.escience.cn

29-30 October 2019. 12th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining. Levi Finland. Website: fem.lappi.fi/en

6-8 November 2019. XIV Latin American Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry. Bento Gonçalves Brazil. Website: laseac2019.furg.br/inscricoes

25-28 November 2019. 2nd Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geoscience. Sousse Tunisia. Website: www.cajg.org

2-6 December 2019. American Exploration and Mining Association Annual Meeting. Spokane WA USA. Website: www.miningamerica.org/2019-annual-meeting

12-18 January 2020. Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry. Tucson AZ USA. Website: icpinformation.org

20-23 January 2020. Mineral Exploration Roundup. Vancouver BC Canada. Website: roundup.amebc.ca

7-9 February 2020. Atlantic Geoscience Society Annual Colloquium. Truro NS Canada. ags.earthsciences.dal.ca/Colloquium/Colloquium.php

16-21 February 2020. 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting. San Diego CA USA. Website: www2.agu.org/ocean-sciences-meeting

23-27 February 2020. Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. San Diego CA USA. Website: www.tms.org/tms2020

1-4 March 2020. Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Annual Convention. Toronto ON Canada. Website: www.pdac.ca/convention

2-8 March 2020. 36th International Geological Congress. Delhi India. Website: 36igc.org

16-17 March 2020. 5th International Conference on Earth and Planetary Sciences. Las Vegas NV USA. Website: www.meetingsint.com/conferences/earthscience

18-22 April 2020. 9th Geochemistry Symposium. Didim Turkey. Website: www.9thgeochemistry.com/en

3-6 May 2020. CIM Convention. Vancouver BC Canada. Website: convention.cim.org

3-8 May 2020. EGU General Assembly. Vienna Austria. Website: www.egu2020.eu

7-9 May 2020. 6th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management. Prague Czech Republic. Website: www.gistam.org

11-15 May 2020. GeoConvention 2020 (includes GAC-MAC). Calgary AB Canada. Website: www.geoconvention.com

11-15 May 2020. World Water Congress & Exhibition. Daegu South Korea. Website: www.worldwatercongress.com

May 12 - 24, 2020. Geological Society of Nevada 2020 Symposium Vision for Discovery: Geology and Ore Deposits of the Basin and Range. Sparks, Nevada. Website: www.gsnv.org/2020-symposium

23-29 May 2020. Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits (Gordon Research Conference). Castelldefels Spain. Website: tinyurl.com/ybkjgl37

30 May - 5 June 2020. Ocean Biogeochemistry: Biogeochemical Processes Across Space and Time (Gordon Research Conference). Hong Kong China. Website: tinyurl.com/y249f47c

8-10 June 2020. SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE20). Garden Grove CA USA. Website: www.siam.org/Conferences/CM/Conference/mpe20

14-17 June 2020. 11th International Conference: Interfaces Against Pollution. Wuhan China. Website: tinyurl.com/y65l3cdp

15-18 June 2020. 8th International Congress & Exhibition on Arsenic in The Environment. Wageningen Netherlands. Website: tinyurl.com/y3zvgg6r

21-26 June 2020. Goldschmidt 2020. Honolulu HI USA. Website: goldschmidt.info/2020

28 June 2020 - 1 July 2020. 5th International Congress on 3D Materials Science. Washington DC USA. Website: www.tms.org/3dms2020

13-16 July 2020. 7th Annual International Conference on Geology & Earth Science. Athens, Greece. Website: www.atiner.gr/geology

14-16 July 2020. International Archean Symposium. Perth WA Australia. Website: 6ias.org

28-30 July 2020. 14th International Nickel-Copper-PGE Symposium. Marquette MI USA. Website: www.nmu.edu/eegs/symposium-2020

1-7 August 2020. Organic Geochemistry: Mechanistic and Experimental Insights on Geochemical Archives (Gordon Research Conference). Holderness NH USA. Website: tinyurl.com/yyzz4fdg

2-6 August 2020. Microscopy & Microanalysis 2020. Milwaukee WI US. Website: www.microscopy.org/MandM/2020

9-14 August 2020. Biomineralization: Bridging Scientific Disciplines to Understand Biomineral Formation in Breadth and Depth (Gordon Research Conference). Castelldefels Spain. Website: www.grc.org/biomineralization-conference/2020

17-21 August 2020. 34th International Geographical Congress. Istanbul Turkey. Website: www.igc2020.org/en/

19-21 August 2020. 10th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation. Prague Czech Republic. Website: icepr.org

24-28 August 2020. Eurosoil 2020. Geneva Switzerland. Website: eurosoil2020.com

6-9 September 2020. 11th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis. Manchester UK. Website: www.confercare.manchester.ac.uk/events/icec2020

15-September 2020. SEG 2020: Celebrating a Century of Discovery. Whistler BC Canada. Website: www.seg2020.org

18-23 October 2020. IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2020. Copenhagen Denmark. tinyurl.com/y8tpg3jt

25-28 October 2020. GSA 2020. Montréal QC Canada. Website: tinyurl.com/yyz3jgq2

9-13 November 2020. 29th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium (IAGS). Viña del Mar Chile.

16-20 August 2021. 12th International Kimberlite Conference. Yellowknife NT Canada. Website: 12ikc.ca


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