Upcoming Events

International, national, and regional meetings of interest to colleagues working in exploration, environmental and other areas of applied geochemistry.

8-13 January 2018. 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry. Amelia Island FL USA. Website: tinyurl.com/mrvbqwa

22-25 January 2018. Mineral Exploration Roundup 2014. Vancouver BC Canada. Website: roundup.amebc.ca

11-16 February 2018. 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Portland OR USA. Website: osm.agu.org/2018

18-21 February 2018. Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference. Sydney NSW Australia. Website: www.aegc2018.com.au

4-7 March 2018. Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Annual Convention. Toronto ON Canada. Website: www.pdac.ca/convention

17-19 March 2018. 4th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management. Funchal Portugal. Website: www.gistam.org

19-23 March 2018. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Woodlands TX USA. Website: www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2018

26-28 March 2018. 14th Australasian Environmental Isotope Conference. Wellington New Zealand. Website: www.confer.co.nz/aeic2018

4-6 April 2018 . Mongolia Mining 2018. Ulaanbataar Mongolia. Website: www.mongolia-mining.org

8-13 April 2018. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018. Vienna Austria. Website:  www.egu2018.eu

9-10 April 2018. Lithium: From Exploration to End-User. London UK. Website: www.geolsoc.org.uk/lithium18

23-24 April 2018. 20th International Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change. Boston MA USA. Website: tinyurl.com/yccmclcs

2-4 May 2018. International Conference on Geology & Earth Science. Rome Italy. Website: http://geoscience.madridge.com

20-23 May 2018. VIII Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration. Ouro Preto Brazil. Website: www.adimb.com.br/simexmin2018

21-25 May 2018. The Solomon Meeting - A Forum for Advancing Mineral System Science. Clare Valley SA Australia. Website: solomonmeeting2018.com

4-7 June 2018. 5th Annual International Conference on Geology and Earth Science. Athens Greece. Website: www.atiner.gr/2018geology

5-6 June 2018. International Uranium Conference. Adelaide SA Australia. Website: uranium.ausimm.com

10-13 June 2018. 4th International Congress on 3D Materials Science. Helsingᴓr Denmark. Website: tinyurl.com/yahh2uxb

16-21 June 2018. Resources for Future Generations (Energy, Minerals, Water and the Earth). Vancouver BC Canada. Website: rfg2018.orgSee announcement in current issue of Explore.

26-28 June 2018. 3rd European Mantle Workshop. Pavia Italy. Website: emaw2018iggpavia.unipv.it

2-7 July 2016. 34th SEGH International Conference on Sustainable Geochemistry. Livingston Zambia. Website: segh2018.org

8-13 July 2018. Geoanalysis 2018. Sydney NSW Australia. Website: 2018.geoanalysis.info 

10-13 July 2016. Granulites and Granulites 2018. Ullapool UK. Website: tinyurl.com/yc53c23z

21-28 July 2018. 27th Colloqium of African Geology. Website: cag27.web.ua.pt/

22-25 July 2016. 11th South American Symposium on Isotope Geology. Cochabamba Bolivia Website: tinyurl.com/yd2wzrz9

6-10 August 2018. 2018 IGU Regional Conference. Quebec City QC Canada. Website: igu2018.ulaval.ca

12-17 August 2018. Goldschmidt 2018. Boston MA USA. Website: goldschmidt.info/2018

13-17 August 2018. 22nd General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association. Melbourne VIC Australia. Website: www.ima2018.com

19-21 August 2018. 8th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation. Madrid Spain. Website: tinyurl.com/yburvkck

22-24 August 2018. 3rd Virtual Geoscience Conference. Kingston ON Canada. Website: virtualoutcrop.com/vgc2018

28-31 August 2018. 15th Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium. Salta Argentina. Website: www.iagod.org/node/76 

3-7 September 2018. 4th Annual World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium. Prague, Czech Republic. Website: www.mess-earth.org

3-7 September 2018. International Conference on Magmatism of the Earth and Related Strategic Metal Deposits. Moscow Russia. Website: magmas-and-metals.ru

9-12 September 2018. Fourth International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health. Budweis Czech Republic. Website: iseeh.org

13-15 September 2018. SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE18). Philadelphia PA USA. Website: www.siam.org/meetings/mpe18

16-21 September 2018. IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018. Tokyo Japan. Website: tinyurl.com/ybpmakrc 

17-25 September 2018. 13th International Symposium on Nuclear and Environmental Radiochemical Analysis: ERA13. Cambridge UK. Website: tinyurl.com/y9tbav7m

23-27 September 2018. 10th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis. Tianjin China. Website: tinyurl.com/yazebbz5

14-18 October 2018. Australian Geoscience Council Convention. Adelaide SA Australia. Website: tinyurl.com/zqxc6n2

25-26 October 2018. Sampling 2018. Lima Peru. Website: www.encuentrometalurgia.com/Sampling-2018

4-8 December 2018. American Exploration & Mining Association (AEMA) Annual Meeting. Reno NV USA. Website: www.miningamerica.org/2018-annual-meeting

13-14 December 2018. ICGG 2018 : 20th International Conference on Gas Geochemistry. Bangkok Thailand. Website: tinyurl.com/ycw4ma8v


Please let us know of your events by sending details to:

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Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador
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Email: StephenAmor@gov.nl.ca


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