Writing Geochemical Reports 2nd Edition

WRITING GEOCHEMICAL REPORTS, 2nd Edition, Guidelines for Surficial Geochemical Surveys

Edited by Lynda Bloom and published by The Association of Exploration Geochemists.

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Writing geochemical report

Edited by Lynda Bloom,
Analytical Solutions Ltd.

Published by The Association
of Exploration Geochemists

In an environment of increasing accountability, the Association of Exploration Geochemists has taken the initiative to develop international standards for writing geochemical reports.

The guidelines are applicable for the preparation of early-phase exploration geochemical surveys and are directed toward geologists and geochemists who write reports for distribution to joint venture partners, regulatory authorities or within a corporation. The guidelines focus on preparation of a report that provides a systematic and permanent record of the work performed. The underlying premise is that a reader must be able to confirm the interpretations of the writer particularly with regard to definition of areas prospective for mineralization.

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