27th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium

27th IAGS logo

Date: April 20-24, 2015

Where: Tucson, Arizona

Conference Short Course

McClenaghan and Layton-Matthews: Application of Indicator Mineral Methods to Exploration

Conference Oral Presentation Abstracts

Anand et al: Pit Study and Metal Migration

Ayala et al: Passive treatment for mine tailings Portovelo Equador

Baker et al: New Ways to Analyse Old Data

Baker: Wafi-Golpu Case History

Benn et al: Quantitative Interpretation of Orientation Surveys

Bokana et al: Lithogeochemical Characterization - Hondekloof Ni

Bowell et al: As attenuation in heap leach drainage

Brand and Brand: Performance Evaluation pXRFs

Brand: Nickel Litho Sulphide Modelling

Brindle et al: Coldblock Digestion

Cannon et al: Pb in Soils USA Natural vs Anthropogenic

Christie: Exploration of Epithermal Au-Ag

Cohen et al: Geochem exploration for fossils

Cooke et al: Using mineral chemistry to detect porphyry deposits

Davies: Urban geochem of Lagos

Doughty and Littlejohn: SulfIX Water Treatment

Fabris et al: Footprints of IOCG Deposits

Felix et al: Use of Pb isotopes for Source Apportionment

Fulton and Meyer: Nexus between geochem and aquatic toxicology

Gil and Loaiza: Photostabilization of Mine Tailings

Grammatikopoulos: Application of QAM in REE in Exploration and Metallurgy

Guffey et al: Millennium Deposit Lithogeochemistry

Hammond et al: Stabilizing As in Mine Tailings

Hashmi et al: Till lithology and Mt Polley

Hattori et al: Detecting U below thick sandstone

Heberlein et al: Tree Sap as a Sample Medium

Ketcheside et al: Contamination and Health Effects from Mining

Kotzer et al: Radiogenic and Nucleogenic Products as Vectors for Deep U Mineralization

Kramar and Stanley: Rocks Under Hanson Lake

Lecomte et al: Metals Partitioning in Soils by SEM

Lemiere: Field Analytical Techniques

Lett and Jackaman: Geothermal Exploration

Linnen et al: Fracture Chlorites in Exploration

Lintern and Anand: Australian Biogeochemistry

Lojasiewicz et al: Sierra Nevada Isotope Study

Londono and Williams: Evaluating Antibacterial Action of Clay

McCarthy and Holk: Coryell Instrusive Suite Isotopes

McClenaghan et al: Geochemical Signatures of the Sisson W-Mo Deposit

McLemore: Chemistry of REE in NM

McLemore: Mining Influenced Waters NM

McMartin et al: Regional till composition

McQueen and Nichols: Soil chemistry in disturbed terrain

Medunic et al: Toxicity of soil rich in S and PAHs

Merola and Vengosh: As contamination in the Mekong Delta

Meuzelaar et al: Accelerated HCT using Peroxide

Moon and King: Tin Exploration

Morris: Regolith Chemistry of the N Kimberly

Morrison and Williams: Unearthing Antibacterial Activity of Medicinal Clays

Noble et al: Microbial Response to CO2

Noble, Stewart, and Pinchand: Kintyre U geochem

Normandeau et al: Till Geochemistry in the Slave Province

Nyale et al: Influence of NaOH and NaOCL on Geopolymer

Ochieng et al: Generalised Geochem Central African Cu Belt

Paruchuri and Schlink: Biological Sulfate Removal

Prestia et al: Application of ABA Methods to Barite Projects in Nevada

Sader: H2 Gas in Kimberlite Groundwaters

Sarala: Till geochemistry and heavy minerals

Seneshen: Geochemical Exploration for Petroleum

Smith et al: Geochem Survey in United States

Smith: Metal Recovery from Waste Streams

Stanley: Lithogeochemical Classification of Igneous Rocks

Stewart: Surface Geochem U Exploration

Tapia: Metal(loid)s distribution in northern Atacama Region

Townley et al: Metal Dispersion and Geochemical Signatures - Inca de Oro District N Chile

Uvarova et al: Diamond drilling powders

Uvarova et al: Uranium isotopes in exploration

Villinski, JE: Field Push-Pull Test Investigation of in Situ Neutralization of Acidic Sediment

Wang and CGB Team: China geochemical baselines-a new contribution

Warrender et al: Copper Flat

Williams: Mystery of Antibacterial Clays

Winterburn: Search for Concealed Mineral Deposits

Winterburn: Geochemical Exploration for Skorpion Style Oxide Zinc Deposits 

Woodruff et al: Distribution of Elements in Soils in US

Yavorskaya: Selective leach methods in Au exploration

Yavorskaya & Amor: Application of Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis to Lake-Sediment Data

Yuan et al: Geochem by pXRF - Constraint on Genesis of Pb-Zn Deposit

Yuan et al: pXRF for characterizing weathered diorite