Councillor Renguang Zuo (2017-2018)

Renguang Zuo

Dr. Renguang Zuo became a Fellow of AAG in 2016. He received his Ph.D. degree from the China University of Geosciences (CUG) in 2009. As a jointly supervised PhD candidate by CUG and York University (Toronto, Canada), Renguang studied for one year at the York University (supervisors: Prof. Qiuming Cheng and Prof. Frits Agterberg) during 2007-2008. He has been working at the state key laboratory of geological processes and mineral resources (GPMR) at CUG since he obtained Ph.D. in 2009. In the end of 2012, he was promoted as a full professor. In 2014, as a senior visiting scholar, he worked together with John Carranza for four months at the James Cook University (Townsville, Australia). He is currently serving as an associate editor for Journal of Geochemical Exploration (JGE) and Nature Resources Research. As a guest editor, he organized two special issues (JGE, 2012, v.122, and 2016, v.164) related to geochemical mineral exploration. He and John Carranza are currently organizing another special issue of current methods of data analysis for geochemical mineral exploration in GEEA. He also acted as a convener of GIS-based geochemical mineral exploration both in Goldschmidt (2016, Japan) and in 35th International Geological Congress (IGC, 2016, South Africa). Renguang has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers. He was awarded the Kaharaka Award by the International Association of GeoChemistry in 2015 due to his contributions to applied geochemistry. Renguang’s work documented the advance of GIS-based geochemical mineral exploration, and build a wide range of international cooperation.