Criteria for Selecting AAG Honorary Fellows

AAG Honorary Fellows

According to the AAG by-laws, an Honorary Fellow shall have made a distinguished contribution to applied geochemistry that warrants exceptional recognition. An Honorary Fellowship is the highest form of recognition bestowed by the association. AAG Honorary Fellows have included Bob Boyle, Eion Cameron, Alan Coope, Gerry Govett, Herb Hawkes, Ian Nichol, and John Webb.

AAG Council has endorsed criteria and process for conferring of Honorary Fellow status and agreed that the number of Honorary Fellows is capped at 5% of AAG Fellows. The criteria span a broad involvement in generating and disseminating applied geochemical research at a high level, and a long commitment to AEG/AAG. The process for nomination is similar to that for AAG Silver and Gold medal nominees.


  • Lengthy and consistent contribution to applied geochemistry as demonstrated by publications in national and international peer-reviewed journals. Involvement in publication of applied geochemistry (peer reviewing of scientific papers, service on editorial boards)
  • Demonstrated contribution to the dissemination of applied geochemistry (presentation of papers at conferences, organization/presentation at workshops at seminars, mentoring/supervision, membership of national and international geochemical committees etc.)
  • Longevity of membership to AEG/AAG, and evidence of supporting and growing the association (e.g. office bearing, involvement in symposia organization, publication production, mentoring)


  • A minimum of three Fellows are required to propose a Fellow for Honorary Fellow status.
  • The proposal must address the Criteria and be a maximum of three pages.
  • Each proposal is submitted to AAG’s Awards and Medals Committee, who independently assess applications.
  • The independent assessments are sent in confidence to AAG’s Secretary, who collates all the submission material (i.e. nomination, assessments, recommendations), and presents them to Council for their decision. A unanimous endorsement by Council of the nomination is required to achieve Honorary Fellow status.