26th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium

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Date:  November 17-21, 2013

Where: Rotorua, New Zealand



Conference abstracts – Download here (2.24MB)


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26th IAGS Field trip FT01 photos
26th IAGS-November17-2013
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26th IAGS-November20-2013
26th IAGS-November21-2013


Short Course:

IAGS Short Course 07 Application of indicator mineral methods to mineral exploration – Download the full notes here (45.9MB), or by Chapter:

Overview of indicator mineral recovery methods for sediments and bedrock: 2013 update

Mineral chemistry: modern techniques and applications to exploration
Quality assurance and quality control measures applied to indicator mineral studies of glacial sediments at the Geological Survey of Canada

Morphology of placer gold grains as a predictive tool in placer and primary source exploration

Major and trace element chemistry of gahnite in metamorphosed massive sulphide deposits: discrimination diagrams to determine provenance

Indicator mineral fingerprints in surficial sediments near Cu-Au deposits of the porphyry-epithermal-volcanogenic suite

Application of iron-oxide chemistry in mineral exploration

The Ti-pa-haa-kaa-ning (TPK) gold grain glacial dispersal apron, northwestern Ontario, Canada

Overview of tungsten indicator minerals scheelite and wolframite with examples from the Sisson W-Mo deposit, Canada